Security Guard Careers & Employment

Security Guard Job Requirements

At International Security, we are always seeking individuals with strong work ethic and quality skills to become part of our highly trained and skilled staff.

If you feel that you are a qualified candidate, below is a description of our employment process:

International Security Hiring Process

  • 1Application

    Although we may not be hiring at all times, we are always accepting applications from qualified candidates. Candidates can apply for an open position by calling us or applying online. Submit Resume Now!

  • 2References

    All applicants MUST provide at least three references including both personal and professional. It is necessary that we speak with individuals that know the applicants from all different aspects.

  • 3Background Check

    Upon completion of the hiring process, every employee must have fingerprints documented and have a background check done. The Texas Department of Public Safety requires this in order for a security guard to become certified.

  • 4Random Drug Screening

    All employees are subject to random drug-testing. Upon completion of the necessary employment paperwork, a consent form must be signed agreeing that the employee will be drug-tested if chosen at random.